Premier Vaping - Robotics & Our Smart Warehouse


Robotics & Our Smart Warehouse

Over the past year at Premier Vaping, we’ve expanded our operations and implemented robotics into our logistics system! Right now, we currently have a fleet of twenty automatons that are capable of working 24/7. These robots have helped ease the pressure that’s been affecting our hard-working warehouse staff over the past few months. We’ve heard some optimistic feedback from our staff, and the performance of these devices has helped get more deliveries out of our warehouse to your door!



The robots we use in our warehouse are part of the Geek+ P800 series. Each robot has a maximum lifting capacity of 1000kg, so they can really keep things moving! The robots work across a permitted grid that’s closed off to people so there’s no chance of an accident occurring.

Each robot is fitted with patented security solutions that meet CE standards to ensure safe human-robot interactions. Plus, each system has high fault tolerance, so if things do go wrong, they’re quick to detect errors.



These robots organize and mobilize stock around the warehouse space to ensure that supply is properly rotated and distributed to the orders that come through our system each day. Because we get a huge number of orders every day, it would be unviable for our current workforce to shift as much stock as we need every day on their own. These robots work in direct service of warehouse operations and help streamline our packaging service line by keeping our workforce from performing the heaviest, most dangerous tasks.



We currently have two robots that we like to think are the leaders of our robotic family!

The winning entry of our first public pool on social media to name our first robot was decided on the 21st of October 2022. So now, NOS-4-A2, will be able to guide the rest of our robot team for all time!

We held another internal contest that introduced two more robots to our family, so now SIR-PICKS-A-LOT and Botty McBotface will be able to lead our fleet as a triumvirate. Every time we walk past them we always make sure to say hello, it's a tradition!



Are these robots putting people out of work?


No. These robots work to serve our warehouse staff. We purchased these devices to help streamline the processes we already had in place in our warehouse. Since implementing robotics, our workforce has actually increased, and new job roles have become available in our warehouse and IT teams! Having the robots move to our pickers rather than our pickers move around the warehouse has increased efficiency and raised morale!


In what sectors are these robots used?


Nowadays, mobile robots and robot manipulators are used in many sectors of every industry. We at Premier Vaping have placed our robots into a grided area of our warehouse that moves and rotates stock daily. Right now, we have a team of staff that help maintain these machines and have instructive programs in place that help teach our staff how to maintain these devices. These courses are available to anyone in the company who would like to learn more!


What are the advantages of robotic automation?


Robotic systems provide a multitude of benefits for logistic staff and the consumer. A robot can run non-stop at a defined speed without supervision, which provides us with the opportunity to increase production volumes in perpetuity.  Meaning you can get our products quicker, and in greater volumes.

Another benefit of robotic automation is consistency. Robots run in unison with great accuracy, and this results in improved quality. By allowing robots to handle non-human friendly tasks, we can re-skill our workforce to accomplish more fulfilling work in an environment that’s safer!