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A refreshing range of E-Liquid with some incredible flavour profiles, expertly crafted by one of the UK's leading juice manufacturers
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Are you feeling Rebellious? Rebellion E-Liquid was born in the  UK and the incredible flavours are currently taking the industry by storm.  Produced by one of the largest E-Liquid manufacturers in the UK, the Rebellion  range is available in either a 10ml bottle at a 3mg nicotine strength, or in a  50ml Shortfill bottle which includes a ‘Nic Ammo’ 18mg nicotine shot to turn  the liquid into a 3mg strength. 

Rebellion E-Liquid is produced in a pharmaceutical grade ISO  Class 5 Clean Room using only the highest quality ingredients, meaning you can  rest assured that your Rebellion E-Liquid is manufactured to the high standards  expected.

Rebellion E-Liquid is mixed in an 80% VG, 20% PG ratio ensuring a thick, rich cloud production and strong flavour penetration.

Rebellion E-Liquids has the option to be purchased in a 65ml bottle at a 0mg nicotine strength and are one of many E-Liquids which now come in a format known as ‘Shake  & Vape’. There is 50ml of E-Liquid allowing room for a 10ml Nicotine Shot  (Nic Shot), which when added will create 60ml of E-Liquid at a 3mg strength. It is important to thoroughly shake the liquid to properly mix the nicotine. If a nicotine shot is required please select the option when ordering.


The range of flavours from Rebellion have been expertly  crafted by mixologists at the top of their game, with the resulting E-Liquids producing  some of the finest tasting clouds we have tried in a long time. There really is  something for everyone when it comes to Rebellion, take a look at the  incredible flavour descriptions below:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Blue Smint Sabotage

Blue Smint Sabotage is a unique combination of juicy  Blueberry and refreshing spearmint, a fusion of winning flavours to create a leading  contender for your new all-day vape! If fruity menthol flavours are what you  like then Blue Smint Sabotage is the E-Liquid for you!

Exotic Turmoil

Exotic Turmoil is a dream flavour for tropical fruit lovers  and dessert addicts alike. The zingy explosion of tropical fruit on the inhale  is perfectly paired with a delicious ice cream undertone on the exhale, a  perfect recreation of your favourite summer ice lolly. Smooth yet powerful  flavours combine to make Exotic Turmoil a favourite for all!

Frozen Citrus Fracas

Frozen Citrus Fracas is a perfect summer pairing, blending  the zingy, citrus flavours of a lemon with the sharp undertones of a ripe  grapefruit, finished with an ice-cold blast of menthol. The perfect ratio of  the different flavour profiles combine to produce a unique frozen fruit fusion  like no other!

Lemon Pirate

Lemon Pirate by Rebellion E-Liquid is dessert lovers dream.  The winning blend of lemon and pastry has been created by many E-Liquid  manufacturers, but Lemon Pirate takes the crown in our eyes thanks to the rich,  sweet lemon curd inhale and the buttery pastry undertones on the exhale. Your  taste buds will thank you for what is quickly becoming an all-day vape for many!

Mutinous Mango

Mutinous Mango pairs a delicious, mango with an ice-cold  menthol undertone to create a summer slushie so delicious you will want to vape  it in the winter too! Smooth and cooling, the powerful mango flavours create a  tropical sensation like no other. Bring a taste of the summer into your vaping  life today!

Pear Provocation

Inspired by the classic candy Pear Drops, Pear Provocation  is crammed full of flavour which will have you reminiscing for days about your  favourite childhood sweets. Smooth and fruity, this liquid will leave you  craving more and send your taste buds into overdrive!


Revolutionberry sets the bar for a combo-berry E-Liquid, blending  a bold blue raspberry and a tangy white grape to create an explosion of fruit  which will set your senses alight! Sweet and fruity, smooth and refreshing - we  just can’t put it down! If berry is your vape of choice then look no further than  Revolutionberry.

Strawbarb Insurgency

Strawbarb Insurgency pairs the juiciness of a fresh  strawberry with the unmistakable sharpness of Rhubarb to create an E-Liquid  flavour that’s not only sweet and tart, but truly irresistible! The complex ingredient  profiles work perfectly together, producing an explosion of flavour that awaken  your vaping senses!

Strawtermelon Mayhem

Strawtermelon Mayhem by Rebellion is bursting with flavour  thanks to a winning formula of subtle strawberry and juicy watermelon. This  refreshing combo of ripe, mouth-watering fruits creates an E-Liquid flavour  that is deliciously sweet without being too sugary and is sure to be a winner  with fruit lovers everywhere. Treat yourself today!

Twisted Riot

Twisted Riot is Rebellions take on the classic ice lolly of  a similar name, so good you would be confused for thinking it’s the real thing!  Sweet strawberry and zingy lime combine on the inhale, underpinned by a smooth  ice cream undertone on the exhale will bring back memories of summer time trips  to the ice cream man - what are you waiting for?